Walks Through the Bible
‘Then they sailed to the country of the Gadarenes, which is opposite Galilee. And when He stepped out on the land, there met Him a certain man from the city who had demons for a long time. And he wore no clothes, nor did he live in a house but in the tombs.” (Luke 8:26,27) In other words, the man was naked. Jesus, of course, cast the demons out and when the people from the city arrived on the scene the Bible says that Legion “was clothed and in his right mind.” The first thing the man did after he was restored to his right mind is put his clothes on!
Recently I was visiting with my dad who turned 95 on April 16. Not long ago he had to have surgery done on his arm. They gave him local anesthesia and as the doctor was finishing up the procedure, he asked my dad a question. “Mr. Dickinson, you are 95 and have seen some remarkable changes in your long life no doubt. What have you seen that has surprised you the most in your 95 years?” This may be a question this doctor has asked many of his older patients and I am sure he expected to receive the same kind of answer he had received every time previously, but he obviously did not know my dad. Before answering, my dad says he looked around the room and there were several female nurses so dad gave a startling answer. “Well, setting aside advances in medicine and technology – Women!” my dad answered. The doctor was indeed startled, and the nurses turned to look at my dad as well. “What do you mean by that?” asked the doctor. “Well, I have never seen so many naked women in my life!” I can only imagine what the doctor and the nurses thought. It was certainly not the answer they expected.
I told dad (after I stopped laughing) he gave the perfect answer. There have been great changes in in the past 95 years in technology, medicine, etc., but there has also been a drastic change in our culture, especially when it comes to nakedness. The Greek word for naked in the New Testament is “gurnnos” and W. E Vine says the word signifies: (a) unclothed; (b) scantily or poorly clad; (c) clad in the undergarment only (the outer being laid aside). Nakedness, then, is to be completely unclothed, to be scantily clothed, or to have on only under-clothes or underwear. The latter two forms of nakedness are no doubt what dad was referring to.
In Exodus 32:25 the KJV declares that the people were naked as they danced around the golden calf. The word does not necessarily mean they were nude, but they were unrestrained and had removed their outer garments. They were wearing little clothing and were immodestly and shamefully exposing themselves. They were naked! The old Jewish expositors say that Xerxes wanted Queen Vashti to appear before his drunken lords and expose her beauty or nakedness. To her credit she refused. We know virtually nothing about Vashti but we admire her sense of decency and modesty, and her courage to risk her position rather than appear naked before the king and his lords.
Interestingly, the first thing Legion did when Jesus cast the demons out and he was back in his right mind was put his clothes on. This indicates that not only women but men today have lost their minds! I agree with my dad’s answer to his doctor. Everywhere you look you see naked women and men. No, not nude, but scantily clad and in their underwear. You cannot go to the store or the mall, or even step outside your own house without seeing nakedness. People have lost their minds! I do not mean they are certifiably insane (necessarily) but people have lost their sense of decency and propriety. Men and women in our culture need to get their minds right, and when they do the first thing they will do is put their clothes on.
Several years ago I was in a meeting and I preached on the story of Legion and made the point that when people get their minds right they put their clothes on and a young lady approached me after the service. She told me she had not been raised in a Christian home and had only recently been baptized. Before becoming a Christian she wore shorts, went to the public pool in her swimming suit, and wore all kinds of immodest clothes. After obeying the gospel, however, she stopped wearing her immodest apparel. The point she really wanted to make, however, is that no one had told her the apparel was immodest. In fact, she said, at that point she did not even know the Bible taught in I Timothy 2:9,10 that women are to adorn themselves in modest apparel. She had never read that scripture before! She just knew, she told me, that now that she was a Christian she could not wear her shorts, swimsuit to the public pool, etc. She just knew because she had made up her mind to be a Christian. That is absolutely right! When someone really makes up their mind to follow the Lord, one of the first things they do is put their clothes on.
Paul declares in I Timothy 2:9,10 that women are to adorn themselves with shamefacedness and sobriety. Shamefacedness refers to the ability to show shame and blush. Sobriety simply mean having a sound mind – getting your mind right! When women, and men, appear in public with scanty clothing and even wearing what is essentially underwear it displays a shameful lack of propriety, modesty, and common sense. We live, lamentably, in an age of nakedness. As Christian men and women may we stand out in our words, our actions, and our dress. I am thankful my dad was wise enough to share with that doctor and those nurses the stark truth our culture needs to hear.
May we have the wisdom and courage to be in our daily lives a conscience to a world that has lost its mind!

Jerry Dickinson

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